I have an account with Godaddy and installed WordPress using there plugin. The landing page didn’t show up. I thought it might take some time for them configure everything which was strange. I hit the url on my mobile and it worked like charm but it was giving ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE on all browsers on my laptop.


After researching I found following which might resolve the issue:

  • Check if the url is working on other devices. The installation should be good if it is working devices or network.
  • Try switching to other network. Toggle between wireless/lan/home/office networks to rule out any firewall issues.
  • Clear cache and cookies. Restart your PC/Laptop and check again.
  • Check for any browser plugins or firewall settings which might be blocking WordPress.

Above solutions should work for most of the cases. However, in my case nothing worked and I was frustrated. That’s when I tried to trace the route of my request. Here is how I fixed my issue:

  • Ran trace route for my wordpress url which went to UK and dropped due to which I was getting the no response error.
    • Mac: traceroute mydomain.com/wp
    • PC: tracert mydomain/wp
  • Ran trace route for my domain which was trying to hit my localhost. This is the rootcause of the issue. I had added host entries in my local to point to my domain due to which the request was failing.
    • Mac: traceroute mydomain.com
    • PC: tracert mydomain
  • Check the hosts file for any entry of your domain.
  • Modify & comment if there is any entry referring to your wordpress domain.
  • Save and check the url again. Hope this helps in resolving the ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE issue.

Found this awesome blog with detailed instructions on how to debug the error.


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